About the municipality

The municipality of Ma'an is considered one of the oldest municipalities in the Kingdom, as its founding dates back to 1898 AD. During the Turkish era, the municipal council was headed by senior full-time merchants to follow up the issues and affairs of the people at that time. The municipality had a comprehensive role in the past with limited capacities and capabilities. It intervenes in all social, economic, health and political issues. The old municipality was built in the Al-Talahna neighbourhood in the past. It is a mud building with a wide hall that still exists today and is at the disposal of the Ma’an municipality.

Later, in the fifties, the municipality moved to another building that was built in the Shamiya region, and then a new building was built for it in the eighties in the center of the country. Then, on August 18, 2009, the municipality moved to the new building located on the roof of Ma’an and on the Amman road. It is worth noting that Ma'an Municipality plays an important and major role in facilitating the process of sustainable community development with all its details and attachments. The municipality currently pursues a policy of participatory and decentralization in managing its affairs, projects and activities. It also adopts a holistic approach in carrying out its tasks and providing services to citizens. Cultural, sports and social.